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Identity based workshops designed to help you create meaningful work

Most of us choose the work that’s available to us. When those options run out, we run out of work. At some point though, we have to reckon with what we’d really like to be doing and why. This workshop is designed to help answer that question. It has four main focuses:

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1: Identity mapping

We'll map out who you are, what you love and why, where have you done well and what all that says about you. All of this comes together into a diverse visual map or overview of the many things that are true about who you are (generating ideas about what you can do with it all).

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2: Themes & connections

Using the identity map, we’ll explore possible combinations and connections between your identity statements. In some ways this can generate an obvious path forward. At other times this leads to completely new ideas. Kinda like vocational MDMA.

3: Storytelling
& planning

Once some new possibilities emerge, we’ll look at ways to turn those into narratives rather than job descriptions. You are a multifaceted person (work, relationships, hobbies etc.) which stories can better explain than a CV. Stories can also be broken down into chapters or plans that you can execute. 

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4: Obstacles caveats
& demons

Once you have a better clue as to your diversity and story options, what might get in your way and how do you prepare for it now. (Think Covid in Dec 2019…)

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For more details on these ideas and an in-depth look at the overall concepts, please check out my:

Writing the story of your future

Detailed ideas and processes we’ll be working on

if you like reading heaps (not required)

Keen to have ago?

Please CLICK HERE to sign up

• Remember, these workshops at The Sherwood are free! I would ask though that you support The Sherwood by buying your own drinks and or snacks.

• These workshops begin on May 1st with two sessions available per week, and will run for the following two months. More sessions may open up afterwards.

• You can choose a Saturday morning from 10am - Noon and or
Wed early evening from 5pm to 7pm.

• I suggest you sign up for 4 sessions. Each session is limited to 10 people. I would also encourage you to have a friend sign up with you so you can process the workshops together in your own time.

• Bring a notebook for ideas. Large format paper and colored pencils will be available at the workshop.

• If you have any questions feel free to write me at

PS. If it's hard going for you right now and you can't afford the bus to get there or to pay for a drink, let me know and we'll work it out.

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